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Senin, 21 Mei 2012

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                                                                                            ph. Stasa, Urbanlook and me

Photos are from last Thursday, when we attended the fashion show from our great designer Ines Jankovic ( you saw the preview Here). We finished our night at the club, where one of our girls were a DJ for the first time! Should i say something more? ;)
I was waiting to show you these photos couple days, cause i wanted to edit and upload video, and include it too. Dresses are amazing, we truly enjoyed! Hope you will like it! :)

p.s. here are the names of all the girls above and their blogs : Jelena, Ivanka, Jovana, Jelena, Stasa, Branislava, Jelena and Elena!
p.p.s. we missed Marina and Anja that day!

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